Foundations of Painting

in Oil & Acrylic
with Leo Hu
February: 7-28 Still Life
March: 6-27 Landscape
April: 3-24 Portraits
Wednesdays 9am - Noon
$140 (4 weeks)

Learn the fundamentals of painting in either Oils or Acrylics from popular instructor Leo Hu.  In these lesson-based classes, Leo will guide students through the foundational building blocks of painting: composition, blocking out forms, value, colour, paint mixing, brush handling, and more.  Students will follow along step by step as Leo walks them through the art of painting, taking them on the journey from beginner to master.

February: Still Life

March:  Landscape

April: Portrait


(All Levels)

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February: 7-28

$140 Still Life (4 Weeks)


March: 6-27
$140 Landscape (4 weeks)

April: 3-24

$140 Portrait (4 weeks)

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