All our teachers are working professional artists with strong backgrounds in teaching and a passion for sharing their knowledge.  We invite you to click on the links below and check out each teacher's gallery.

Mike Radford

Mike Radford: Associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and regular traveler to Latin America, Mike has been teaching watercolour at Phoenix Art Workshop from its inception in 2001

James Koll

James was born in Burnaby, BC, where his passion for drawing and painting developed at an early age. He graduated from the Commercial Art Program at Capilano College in 1986 and worked a number of years as an illustrator in the graphics and architectural fields.

Mark Glavina

Mark Glavina studied graphic design and Illustration at Capilano College and has worked as a teacher and illustrator with various contracts including background painting for animation and private contracts and commissions as well as established a reputation as a muralist.

Leo Hu

Born in Taiwan, Leo has lived in Canada the past nineteen years, specializing in oil painting, drawing, watercolour painting, and sculpture. Leo has been awarded various scholarships since he was in Arts training school. He has worked as an Oil & Acrylic Painting instructor for many arts clubs around Vancouver and as the Board of Director for the Western Canadian Taiwanese Artist Society of Greater Vancouver.

Joseph Wong

Born in China in 1948, Joseph moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was six years old. Having begun painting at a young age, Joseph experienced his own techniques and developed a style that was greatly influenced by his living surroundings.

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