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Mark Glavina, Grand Prix of Art Organizer, is the visionary founder of Phoenix Art Workshop, a thriving community-oriented Art Supply and creative support Centre nestled in Steveston, British Columbia, since 1997. Renowned for its excellence in custom framing, restoration, and repairs of artwork, gilded and antique frames, as well as other specialty framing needs, Phoenix Art Workshop has set the standard in the industry. In 2008, Mark expanded its offerings with a small European-style art Atelier, dedicated to teaching the essentials of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

In 2005, Mark created The Travelling Brush, an excursion-based travel subsidiary committed to international teaching and exploration, fostering a global appreciation for artistry one brushstroke at a time. This venture's success catalyzed the birth of the Steveston Grand Prix of Art in 2010, a landmark event designed to champion the local creative community and showcase artists' work in an engaging format that encourages both emotional and economic investment from the public. Over the span of fourteen years, this event has evolved into the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, serving as a model for other cities seeking innovative ways to support their creative communities.

Mark Glavina's artistic journey began with studies in graphic design and illustration at Capilano College, followed by a diverse career encompassing teaching, illustration, background painting for animation, private contracts, commissions, and mural work. Transitioning to fine art in the 90s, Mark's explorations delved into environmental and cultural themes, as well as the nuanced portrayal of figures and portraits. With over two decades of experience in teaching and facilitating art, Mark advocates for the transformative power of art education across all age groups, embodying the ethos of Community Public Art.

Mark's teaching philosophy centers on cultivating a robust foundation in the fundamentals of art and visual communication. Specializing in drawing and painting, his pedagogy emphasizes keen observation and visual literacy. Embracing the digital realm, Mark has expanded his reach through online classes, amplifying his impact as a mentor, teacher, and avid traveler under the banner of The Travelling Brush, epitomizing the ethos of "discovering the world one brushstroke at a time."

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