Mark Glavina

Mark Glavina studied graphic design and Illustration at Capilano College and has worked as a teacher and illustrator with various contracts including background painting for animation, private contracts and commissions as well as established a reputation as a muralist. In the 90’s he turned to developing his own fine art, exploring environmental, cultural, social issues, while working with the figure and portrait.  Mark has been teaching and facilitating art for over 20 years encouraging the benefits of art education for all ages as a pioneer of Community Public Art.

In 1997 Mark Glavina opened Phoenix Art Workshop which has been hosting art classes both locally and abroad with his very successful and popular international art excursions with the Travelling Brush.   Mark's  focus in recent years has been developing a comprehensive teaching philosophy for the fundamentals of art and visual literacy.   Organizing community art events like Chalk the Boardwalk and the Grand Prix of Art, mark has dedicated most of his recent energy to sharing his intense passion for art making.

"I took Phoenix Art Workshop’s online watercolour course this spring just to try my hand at something new. I had never taken a watercolour class and was a total novice in this type of painting. I could not believe how much I learned just in the very first live class.
It was also great to be able to practice and paint along when I replayed the class the following day.
Mark is a wonderful and passionate teacher. He has a way of teaching that instills confidence in his students, leaving them with a good understanding of the process. He also demonstrates good painting habits and offers many tips and tricks from his years of working with watercolours that really work.
I know that what I have learned here will benefit my artistic life going forward. Thank you Mark." Mary Ann