Viena Wroblewska

Artist Bio: Viena Wroblewska

With a dynamic artistic journey spanning 19 years, Viena Wroblewska is a versatile
artist, exploring oils, watercolours, acrylics, and pastels. A graduate of Emily Carr
University, she honed her skills under North America’s leading contemporary
Viena’s unique style is a happy blend of impressionism, pop art and semi-abstract
influences, and doesn’t shy away from the use of bold colors to imbue monotone
subjects with life. Her diverse portfolio, ranging from evocative portraits to vibrant
local landscapes, reflects the sheer enjoyment she experiences during the creative
process. Notably, Viena’s fun animal series, infused with humor and joy, has
earned her recognition amongst her peers.
Through teaching, Viena wishes to invite students to share in the joy of painting
through a non-traditional, creativity-first approach.