Grand Prix of Art Summary

Grand Prix of Art ©, Steveston 2017

September 23rd and, 24th, the Travelling Brush presented the 7th annual Grand Prix of Art: sponsored by Phoenix Art Workshop and hosted at Britannia Shipyards National Heritage Site and throughout the village of Steveston.

Over a hundred artists of all ages and experience levels, thirty-six different painting locations, fifty plus volunteers, more than a dozen talented musician, photographers, videographers, event partners contributed to the success of this years event. We fed over 200 people for lunch thanks to our food partners, Heringer’s Meats, The Hog Shack, Steveston Bakery and Davood’s Bistro as well as a host of amazing volunteers who made this event happen.

The exhibition and artworks were exceptional this year; improved lighting and lots of space for the large crowds to move around and admire the artwork, contributed to the record number of 33 paintings being sold. Thank you to Penta Building Group for providing funding for the fence rental, and our volunteers who help set up and hang the display of artworks. As the organizer, presenter and host of the event I am so proud to report that over $15,000 went directly into the pockets of participating artists, through the sales of artwork, prize money, gifts and hired musicians.

The exhibition was open to the public for 5 hours but saw over 1,5000 people though the display in that time. Over 1200 ballots were cast for People’s Choice Award, with the winner Peggy Burkosky receiving the Coast Capital Savings Cash award of $300. Congratulations to the Grand Prix Champion, Larry Tillyer who will have his name etched into the Grand Prix of Art BC Trophyand takes home top prize of $500 presented by the The second prize was awarded to Stephen Chen presented by Vancouver Whale Watch. Phoenix Art Workshop awarded the third prize to Edgardo Lantin. Cindy Miao won the top youth prize with her beautiful watercolour of boats at Britannia. A special thank you to Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt who sponsored all the youth prizes, Alvin Co who provided prizes for Honourable mentions and several raffle prizes. I have posted all the winners in the most recent blog post on the Grand Prix of Art Website

The winners of the Photo contest was Fabian Domingues for best Photo Essay and Caroline Au Yeung, best Photo and were awarded gift Certificates to Beau Photo.

Although it’s hard to estimate exactly how many visitors flocked to Steveston for this International Plein Air Painting Competition, but current estimates are from 4,000 to 5,000 visitors including family and friends of the artist, art enthusiasts, collectors and supportive community members eager to watch as the spirit of their neighborhood’s is captured in paint.

Although we have managed to attract over 100 artists and all the volunteers we need in our last 5 consecutive events, we noticed a significant increase in spectator visits this year coming from all over the lower mainland, Vancouver Island as well as Washington State. Much of this can be attributed to our media partners the Richmond Sentinel and the Steveston Insider as well as a significant increase in social media advertising. Tourism Richmond contributed matching funds for both marketing the event outside the lower mainland, and in developing a short documentary film produced by Phoenix Art Workshop with the assistance of Citrus Pie Media Group.

To express our gratitude for your support,

Britannia Brewing Company

and the

The Phoenix Art Workshop

would like to invite you to our

Wrap Party


Premiere of our short Documentary

The Grand Prix of Art ©, Steveston

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Please RSVP

Britannia Brewing Company

Britannia Brewery 250-12240 Second Ave, Richmond

1st Prize “Starbucks” Larry Tillyer

Some Spectators Comments

“An amazing event highlighting everything that is great and important in our community” “Best event in the City”
“ I am so impressed with the talent of the artists and their ability to capture the essence of our community…. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing”

Some Artist Comments

“ I love this event – I feel like a celebrity for a day and the public actually value artists contribution. It’s so refreshing.”
“I had no idea Steveston was so beautiful … I am coming back to paint again after the event for sure.”
“I love this event; it’s so well organized – I will be back next year.”

Volunteer Comments

“I love this event –I would love to help again next year”
“Happy to support you and what you do for the community”

Partners Comments:

“Thank you for your organizing the Grand Prix of Art 2017 event! Your volunteer team were wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with them and you again at next year’s Grand Prix of Art event. “
“We really look forward to this event every year, and have purchased a painting every year … and two this year”