Watercolour Essentials for Beginners

In-Studio and Virtual Classes

In studio classes limited to 8 students

Mark Glavina
September 14 - October 5
October 19 - November 9
November 16 - December 7
In-Studio Mondays, 7:00 pm - 9:30pm
In Studio $135, or Virtual $75

In-Studio Classes are limited to 8 students only to allow proper social distancing measures.

Understand the characteristics and master the basic techniques of watercolour in these 4-week classes with Phoenix Art Workshop founder Mark Glavina.  The focus of this foundational class is on the essential skills of watercolour painting, learning how to work with transparent colour and simplify your approach to painting, no matter your level of experience.  Space is limited to 8 in-studio students, who will receive lesson plans and a recorded demonstration of demonstrated exercises and techniques.

Virtual Students will receive our class lesson PDF, can join our class virtually for demonstrations and explanations of lessons, will have access to the weekly online recording, and receive feedback on their weekly exercises.

Check the link below for the Supply List for this class — all supplies available for pickup at Phoenix Art Workshop!


Intro to Watercolour Essentials: (level 1)

  • The essentials of watercolour (how to get started)
  • Seeing the forest through the trees (wet into wet)
  • Pushing on doors marked pull (Characteristics of  Watercolours)
  • Contrasting techniques (Dry over wet and wet over dry)

Understanding Basic Techniques (level 2)

  • Watercolour is better wetter (learn to control the flow)
  • Making shapes flow  (direct painting techniques)
  • Edging toward Control (Controlling edges)
  • Positive and Negative painting  (understanding shapes)

Watercolour Design (level 3)

  • The Characteristics of Colour  (Colour Compass)
  • Understanding Value  (Tonal Studies)
  • Vibrant to Neutral (understanding transparency)
  • Simultaneous Contrast (the interaction of colour)


Mark Glavina Teacher’s Page

September 14 – October 5

Studio Workshop $135

Virtual $75


October 19 – November 9

Studio Workshop $135

Virtual $75


November 16 – December 7

Studio Workshop $135

Virtual $75