Founder’s Series

Composition & Design
Mark Glavina
May 17: Essential Elements of Design
June 7: Shape and Value Hacks for the Artist
July 12: Constructing & Deconstructing Compositions
Fridays, 7pm - 9pm
$25 per session

Join Phoenix Art Workshop founder Mark Glavina online for this three-part series on Composition. Our first virtual class focuses on the Essential Elements of Design, the second introduces Value Hacks for Painters, and the third explores Construction and Deconstructing Compositions.

Friday, May 17  Essential Elements of Design:  In this session we explore what design is by breaking it down into 5 basic elements of visual design:  Shape, Value, Line, Texture, and Colour. Mark provides the keys to visual literacy by breaking these elements down into easy to use and clear statements that every artist can apply to their  chosen medium, style, or  creative intuition.  In this session students take away a broader visual vocabulary and begin to understand their application in visual problem solving and communications.

Friday, June 7  Shape and Value Hacks for the Artist:  In this session we dive into the organization of shapes and values into coherent, clear, and powerful compositions.  Mark Glavina weaves exercises and explanations into this captivating two-hour mini workshop, sharing key strategies and proven hacks to improve your paintings immediately.

Friday July 12,  Constructing & Deconstructing Compositions.  In our final session of this series Mark Glavina takes students deep into the the ideas of Composition, from concept to completion.  Mark will show practical applications of the concepts learned in this series, and break down both good and bad habits of visual design as it relates to Drawing and Painting. 

Mark Glavina

Friday, May 17
Price Per Person: $25



Friday, June 7
Price Per Person: $25


Friday, July 12
Price Per Person: $25