NEW! Contemporary Acrylics

Saturday Morning
Viena Wroblewska
Feb. 3-24 : Discover Impressionism
March 2-23 : Exploring Abstraction
April 6-27 : Playing with Pop Art
9:00am - noon

Join Instructor Viena Wroblewska in an exciting exploration of contemporary styles using acrylics. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the painting process with this diverse and easy-to-use medium. Viena believes that painting should be fun, creative, and playful, reflecting both her artwork and teaching approach. Each month, students will focus on a specific painting genre by experimenting with diverse acrylic grounds, mediums, and styles, ranging from palette knife painting, and pouring, to glazing. Students will learn to play with shape, color, line, texture, and value, to create their masterpieces by the end of every class. (All Levels)


Feb 3 – 24: Discover Impressionism


March 2 – 23: Exploring Abstraction


April 6- 27: Playing with Pop Art