Founders Series

Colour Theory Virtually
February 9
March 8
April 12
$25 per session

Join Phoenix Art Workshop founder Mark Glavina online for this three-part series on Colour and Composition.  Our first virtual class focuses on understanding the Colour Compass to guide your exploration of paint and pigment regardless of your chosen medium. In this first session, you will learn how to mix any colour quickly and easily using a simple and easy-to-understand subtractive colour theory. Students will discover the trilogy of colour theory: Hue, Value, and Chroma. Our second session will focus on the interaction of colour, colour relationships, human perception, and an introduction to colour psychology. In our final session, Mark will share ideas and concepts of composition and design, pulling three sessions together into a tangible, usable strategy for students of all levels. All students will receive a thoughtful summary and pdf of each session with a link to download the live sessions.

Mark Glavina Bio

February 9:  The Colour Trilogy



March 8:  Interaction of Colour



April 12: Composition


“I took Mark’s Colour Theory course when I first started painting and it was a great foundational course.  I learned so much in that one course and use the knowledge every time I pick up a paint brush.  I highly recommend the workshop.