Champions Week Workshop with Moe Khaleel

Mastering Value, Colour, and Brushwork
Moe Khaleel (Oils & Acrylics)
Wednesday July 24
9:00am – 12:30pm

Join us for an inspiring plein air workshop led by renowned artist Moe Khaleel during the Grand Prix of Art Champions Week. Whether you’re new to plein air painting or looking to refine your skills, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve into the vibrant outdoor environment of Steveston Village while exploring the versatile mediums of oil and acrylic.

Under Moe’s expert guidance, participants will:
– Gain a deeper understanding of light and dark contrasts, enhancing their ability to create depth and drama in their paintings.
– Master effective colour mixing techniques to accurately capture the natural hues of the landscape.
– Learn strategies for composing elements within their paintings to create compelling visual narratives.
– Explore methods for creating texture and utilizing expressive brushstrokes to add dimension and character to their artwork.

Prepare to elevate your plein air painting skills and immerse yourself in the beauty of outdoor artistry with Moe Khaleel!

Moe Khaleel

Moe Khaleel (Oils &Acrylics)
Wednesday July 24
Price Per Person: $49

Art Supplies List:

  1. Supports:
    • Easel or pochade box (depending on your preference for studio or outdoor painting)
    • Canvas panels or primed wood panels
      • Sizes vary from 8×10 up to 12×16
  2. Paints:
    • Oil or acrylic paints (depending on your preference)
      • Titanium white
      • Yellow ochre
      • Cadmium yellow medium
      • Alizarin crimson
      • Cadmium red
      • Ultramarine blue
      • Phthalo blue
      • Burnt umber
  3. Mediums/Cleaning:
    • Water (for acrylic paints)
    • Mineral spirits (for oil paints)
    • Cleaning rags (for wiping brushes and cleaning up)
  4. Brushes:
    • Synthetic or hog hair brushes
    • Sizes varying from 3 to 12
  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Hat and sunscreen (for outdoor painting)
    • Drinking water (stay hydrated during your painting sessions)


  • Supports: Canvas panels are convenient for their portability and ease of use. Primed wood panels offer a different texture and can be great for certain painting styles.
  • Paints: Ensure you have good quality paints, especially in the primary colours and white, as these will form the basis of your mixes.
  • Mediums: Use the appropriate medium for your chosen paint type (water for acrylics, mineral spirits for oils) to achieve desired effects and ease of application.
  • Brushes: Having a variety of brush sizes will allow you to work on different scales and details in your paintings.
  • Miscellaneous: Outdoor painting requires protection from the elements, hence sunscreen, a hat, and drinking water are essential for comfort and safety.

This setup should cover your basic needs for both studio and outdoor painting sessions. Happy painting!