Alla Prima Painting

Gouache or Acrylics (Tuesday Evenings)
Tom Taylor
February 2 - 23
March 2 - 23
April 6 - 27
Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 9:00 pm

Let Tom Taylor teach you the fundamentals of good painting design in gouache or acrylics. Demonstrations of his techniques and approaches to painting in acrylic and gouache will inspire you to work in a more direct alla prima painting style.  In this class students will learn how to develop their paintings directly and quickly from thumbnail sketches using strong under-paintings to create dynamic and fresh finished masterpieces.  A perfect class to start your journey in painting, or to refine and strengthen your existing painting skills.


Session 1: February 2 – 23
Price Per Person: $135

Session 2: March 2 – 23
Price Per Person: $135

Session 3: April 6 – 27
Price Per Person: $135

Suggested Supplies:

Acrylic Painters

Gouache Painters