Justin Cherewick

Fluid Abstract Artist

Justin is a Fluid Abstract artist from Banff National Park. Now based in Steveston British Columbia, Justin specializes in Acrylic Pour painting. Uniquely this technique involves applying the paint by pouring, rather than applying the paint with a brush. Over the years as an abstract artist, Justins work has explored non-traditional methods of painting with acrylic, encaustic wax and epoxy resin. Creating fluid landscapes that are beyond this world.

Artistic ability runs in the family. As Justin was growing up, he always knew he had some form of artistic ability. Justin's mother is a professional artist who has always encouraged him to try new media and take his artwork to the next level.

Justin was a full time student at BCIT Aerospace studying aircraft maintenance when he had fallen ill in February of 2017, forcing him to withdraw from the program. Justin's life was turned upside down within a few weeks. Struggling to find a way back to life Justin began to pour, pour, and pour. Dedicated and ambitious, Justin's work quickly evolved with great success! Inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock and the healing ability of art. Justin now pursues a career as an artist in British Columbia, hosting live demos, commissioned artwork, and teaching Dynamic Fluid Art.