Joseph Wong

Born in China in 1948, Joseph moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was six years old.  Having begun painting at a young age, Joseph experienced his own techniques and developed a style that was greatly influenced by his living surroundings.  Joseph is observant and through his eyes, he transformed vanishing Hong Kong countryside villages into fascinating black and white etchings.

After moving to Vancouver, Canada in 1989, Joseph found new ground for his works.  Continuing his commitment to preserving heritage sites, Joseph used oil , acrylic and watercolour, also  etching  plates to catch a glimpse of Vancouver's historical fishing yards before they slipped away.

After a long trip to France in 2001, Joseph brought the vibrant colors of southern France to his paintings.  Being inspired by the brilliant lavender and poppy fields, Joseph added bright tones to his paintings and etchings.

In 2008, Joseph revisited Hong Kong and he stayed once on an outlying island, and then in a small village by the sea too.  The peacefulness of the villlage life is reflected in Joseph’s recent  work.