Young Masters Class

Young Masters Class Supply List

Welcome to our Young Masters Class where we will be exploring different painting and drawing techniques/styles. Here are some basic supplies you will need for our class. We will discuss all these items and more on the first day of class. 

  • 9x12 Sketchbook (mixed media preferred)
  • Basic set of drawing pencils (charcoal black & white, as well as graded graphite pencils ranging from harder to softer - e.g.. F, HB, 2B, 4B)
  • White eraser and kneadable eraser
  • Pencil sharper
  • Basic set of acrylic paints
  • Assorted brushes - 2” wash brush and a few inexpensive synthetic and/or hog bristle brushes in different shapes and sizes.
  • Palette:  large flat palette (paper palettes are fine)
  • Palette knife (inexpensive plastic will suffice)
  • Roll of paper towel or rags

Students should also have a bag or case for keeping carrying supplies to
and from the studio.

Canvas, boards, paper or other other media may be required for specific
projects but can be purchased as needed.

 *** Please Bring Old Clothes or and apron for painting ***


****All Classes MUST be paid for in advance to confirm a spot.  Cancellation must be done in person or by email at least one week prior to the beginning of the class.  No refund will be given to students dropping out after the class has commenced.

If you have any questions please call 604-448-1860