Phoenix Art Workshop offers several types of glass, with options from regular clear picture glass to the highest quality Museum Glass.  Our experienced framers will help you pick the glass that's perfect for your artwork.

  • Museum Glass -- When it comes to custom framing, this glass product is unmatched with its amazing clarity and uncompromising protection. Virtually invisible, this is the premier glass for showing off every detail of original artwork, limited edition prints, and cherished keepsakes.
  • UV Conservation Clear Glass -- This ultra protective glass is a staple for custom framing – it’s tried and true, standing the test of time, safeguarding the personal mementos and works of art on consumers' walls for years to come.
  • UV Conservation Reflection Control Glass -- This ultra protective glass scatters and diffuses light to reduce unwanted glare and has a protective coating to block UV damage.
  • Ultra Vue -- This water white glass offers crystal clear color transmission and a virtually invisible anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity.
  • Non- Glare Glass -- With its matte finish, the glass is able to scatter light and diminish unwanted glare.
  • Regular Clear Glass -- Framing grade high-quality clear glass.