Doodle your life away


In our 19 years of business we have seen a lot of trends come and go, both in art and in buying trends.  A huge trend right now is the adult colouring book craze.  We have been pleasantly surprised with this latest trend, ordering more colouring books with each order.  It has definitely brought a whole slew of new customers though our doors, some looking for better quality pencil crayons or markers, some in search of more complicated patterns, and some (with their new-found passion) looking for a more advanced art classes.

At first I thought the trend was odd, but after thinking about it I started remembering about how I started in art as a kid with, yes, Doodle Art.  It lead me to drawing, which lead me to painting, which transitioned into sculpture and on and on.

In 1972 Glenn Anderson hit on the idea of colouring a black and white line drawing called “Ecology”, and recognized that the poster, partnered with the vibrant colours of felt pens, provided immediate creative satisfaction. Putting the two together in the highly recognizable tube proved to be the beginning of one of Canada’s great business success stories. This print alone would sell 1,000,000 copies around the world. The family (Glenn, father Frank, and mother Jean) trademarked and produced the Doodle Art kits in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In 1973 the “Do your own thing in colour” craze caught on in North America, becoming a fad for all age groups; young teenagers, singles, families and seniors.

Throughout the next five years many new titles were introduced and received worldwide recognition during the expansion of sales into 16 countries that included the U.K., Europe, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

All of this encouraged people who perhaps had never thought of themselves as “artistic” to do something creative, and whether they kept it as the original hobby or continued to explore other art forms, some more creative exploration in the world is a wonderful thing.