Mark’s Manuscripts April

Hello fellow artists,

When I originally planed this feature it was with the intent to pass on information to our  “art family”,  information about art supplies,  art ideas, and art techniques.   My last issue was focused on the idea of art practice;  however,  there comes a time when we have to perform!  This issue is about my journey (both literally and figuratively)  to find artistic purpose.

After 16 years running my business, focused on teaching, sharing my ideas about visual literacy; I found myself  battling the process of creativity, content and conviction in my artwork.  For me this journey starts with inspiration.

To get started and break me away from my business routine ….  I needed a strong dose of inspiration and a significant dose of pressure.  When  Richmond Doors Open approached me to participate in “Doors Open”,   my first instinct was to use all my other commitments as an excuse not to participate.   Struggling to find the motivation to get back into my beautiful studio; I had a change of heart knowing I need a goal  to kick start my creative process.

For the past 10 years I have been leading international painting tours to such exotic locations as Bali, Guatemala, Cuba and most recently Colombia just to name a few.  Over the last 10 years these excursions have provided me with continuing inspiration and a plethora of reference sketches and material.  Once I decided that my open studio event would  focused on the last 10 years of Phoenix Art travel;  creativity started to flow.  I started with compiling my old journals, location paintings and sorting through reference photos and realized with each piece;  what a big part these works play in my artistic journey.  My inspiration was a pile of location studies, sitting in a box in my Studio.  With ideas flowing, I now have the pressure I need to perform.  EEEEKS be careful what you wish for they say!

I am very excited to share with you some of my location work and excerpts from my travel adventure,  as well as  my recent studio painting.

Please Join me for Doors Open in my  Studio this June 7-8 as I share my journey and struggle to make meaningful art.

Open Doors Schedule

 Saturday June 7th – Sunday June 8th, 2014

Open Studio

10 am –  5 pm June 7 -8

Saturday June 7th – noon 2pm

Painting Demonstration

Mark Glavina

“Creativity, Content and Conviction”

Saturday June 7th –  6:00-7:00 pm

Slide Presentation

“10 years a Travelling Brush”

Saturday June 7th – 7:30 – 8:30 pm

painting excursion ~ launch party

” Travelling Bush 2015

join us to find out about our next painting holidays as we launch our amazing line up for 2015:  including Greece and Turkey; Peru; Vietmam and Cambodia and a return to Guatemala for Holy Week!

Sunday June 8th – noon – 2pm

Painting Demonstration

Annie Tsai our 2015 instructor for Vietnam and Cambodia

presents this  painting demonstration

” Reference and Reflection”


Studio location

3rd floor ~ 12211 1st Ave. Historic  Steveston Village, Richmond